Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions of business are deemed to be the basis of Cando Recruitment’s agreement with you (the Client) to supply or engage permanent or contract employees and will become effective upon engagement of Cando Recruitment’s services.



All information provided by Cando Recruitment, both verbal and written, is to be treated as strictly private and confidential. It should not be disclosed to any other party directly or indirectly without the express, written approval of Cando Recruitment.


 Fee for service

For permanent placements, the Client must pay Cando Recruitment 10% of the candidate’s package which includes annual salary and superannuation.

For part time roles, the fee is based on the full-time equivalent salary, including super.

For contract placements, the Client must pay Cando Recruitment 10% of the candidate’s daily rate or pro rata salary including superannuation for the period of the engagement. Once a full 12 months service has been completed, no further fees apply.


Contract to permanent

If the Client subsequently employs a contract candidate on a permanent basis, the Client must pay Cando Recruitment 10% of the candidate’s first year annual salary including superannuation.



By interviewing a candidate introduced by Cando Recruitment, the Client accepts these Terms and Conditions of Business and the fees quoted within.




Whilst every effort is made to ensure the suitability of the candidates introduced to the Client, we recommend that you satisfy yourself as to the candidate’s suitability for your employment.

Our objective is to provide accurate details about candidates based on the information they provide to us.

Cando Recruitment will complete two detailed reference checks.

Cando Recruitment does not conduct skills assessments, qualification verifications, medical assessments or criminal background checks. If required, these additional checks must be requested by the Client in writing at the commencement of the recruitment process. A separate quote for these services will be provided.

The final recruitment decision rests with the Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to satisfy themselves that the candidate meets any skill, qualification, background or medical requirements.



Candidate availability

Cando Recruitment does not guarantee that a candidate is available to accept any engagement.



Replacement guarantee

Cando Recruitment offers a one-off replacement guarantee of three (3) months from the commencement of the successful candidate’s permanent employment with the Client, at no cost.

This guarantee does not apply if the candidate’s employment is terminated for reasons of redundancy, restructure or any change in the original job specification provided to Cando Recruitment.

The replacement guarantee can only be used for the same position at the same salary. If there is any alterations to the role (including changes to salary amount), a full or partial fee will be payable for the subsequent recruitment process.


The following exclusions apply:

There is no replacement guarantee for contract placements.

No replacements will be offered for accounts that are not settled within fourteen (14) days of the invoice date.

No replacement guarantee will be offered for candidates who were engaged as a contractor prior to the permanent placement.



Invoicing and payment

The fee structure is based on prompt payment. Payment terms are strictly 14 days from the invoice date.

Unless otherwise stated, all costs quoted are exclusive of GST.


Conditions applicable to contract placements

Agreed payment

The Client undertakes to pay the daily or hourly rate as agreed with Cando Recruitment at the commencement of the recruitment process.

Where the contractor is paid a daily rate, the hours that comprise a standard working day will be discussed and agreed before the contract commences. Reasonable additional hours may be worked as required and agreed with all parties.

Workplace responsibility

All contractors provided are the Client’s responsibility from the time they arrive to undertake their duties and throughout their contracted employment with you.

The Client undertakes to provide a workplace induction, suitable workplace health and safety guidance, appropriate workplace supervision and will comply with all statutes, bylaws and legal requirements affecting the contractor.

Any workplace health and safety systems or obligations impacting direct employees of the Client must also be extended to Cando Recruitment contractors.

The Client must notify Cando Recruitment of any changes to the workplace or tasks to be performed by the contractor as soon as reasonably practicable.


Other general conditions

If more than one candidate is appointed from a shortlist, a fee will be payable for each separate candidate engaged.

As a client of Cando Recruitment, you agree not to approach companies or individuals directly to seek information about candidates introduced by us, through the referencing process or otherwise, without the express permission of Cando Recruitment or the candidate.


Any amendment or variation to these terms and conditions is not effective unless it is in writing.




If you have any questions in relation to these terms and conditions, please get in touch with

Ben Chia

Managing Director of Cando Recruitment

Mobile: 0483 880 770